Message from the Director

Steven DuffIf you read the history of the Industrial Talent Development Program you know how it came into existence and why. So, what do you as a student get when you complete an Industrial Talent Development Certificate Program?  You will get interviews with major companies such as Evonik,  BASF, Honeywell, and others.  You will go into these interviews knowing you have received the knowledge these companies are looking for. That’s right, these companies helped shape the curricula for the certificate. This will give you the inside track to a good paying career.

Our Industry Partners want this program to be successful because they need good quality employees. Accordingly, USA has charged me with making this program successful. I am confident we can teach   you what you need to know so don’t be afraid of the material. We will do everything in our power to assist you. However, I do want to make this clear. You will need to already possess two attributes to be successful in this program. The two attributes are dependability and punctuality. Bottom line, if you don’t show up for class and/or are not on time, it is doubtful you will show up for work and be on time. Other attributes we will work on in class include being a team player, safety consciousness, communicating effectively, initiative, organization, thoroughness, flexibility and confidence. 

Earning a certificate to launch your career is the first step in Talent Development. Please don’t stop there. Continue your education, coupling it with your work experiences, can take you to the top.   


Steven W. Duff, BG (Retired)