Digital Marketing Program

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The Digital Marketing Program from the Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama is comprised of various boot camps and online professional training modules to provide students and industry professionals with hands-on instruction in the practice of 21st century marketing. 

Half Day Bootcamp



Boot camps are half-day seminars comprised of workshops providing hands-on instruction for the tools used by today's digital marketer. Each boot camp consists of breakfast, three one-hour sessions, and a keynote all provided by digital marketing industry experts. ​This boot camp is approved ​for ​3 ​continuing ​education ​credit ​hours ​by ​the ​Alabama ​Real ​Estate ​Commission. ​ 


Online Modules



Online professional training modules, delivered through USA Online, are built for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to learn solutions and strategies for real-world digital marketing programs. Participants have ten individual subject modules to choose from or may choose to take all ten and  successfully complete an exam to become a Certified Digital Marketer (CDM).