Karen Hamilton PHD, RN

Karen Hamilton PHD, RN

Associate Professor
Community Mental Health


  • 2006 PhD Education IDD  University of South Alabama
  • 1991 MSN  Adult Med/Surg University of South Alabama
  • 1989 BSN Nursing University of South Alabama
  • 1975 Diploma  Nursing Research College of Nursing Kansas City, Mo. 

Research Interests

  • Community/Public Health; CMN DNP adviser; School Health; Health Promotion, Nursing Research Graduate/Undergraduate

Funded Research

  • Hamilton K. (PI) (2008-2010). Public Health Nursing Administration in Underserved Areas. HRSA, $278,000.
  • Hamilton K., (Co-PI) & Ross, M.C. (Co-PI). (2007). Public Health Nursing Administration in Underserved Areas. HRSA,$839,595

Referred Publications

  • Buckner, E. Meyer, T., Hamilton, K., & Norris, K. (2011). Wilderness and Adventure Therapy for Behavioral Health. CompassPoint, Association of Camp Nurses. 21, 4, 19-22.

  • Williams, K. & Hamilton, K. (2009). Culturally competent assessment and care of self-mutilation in urological nursing. Urological Nursing, 29(3), 191-194.

  • Davidson-Shivers, G.V., Salazar, J., & Hamilton, K. (2005). Design of faculty development workshops: Attempting to practice what we preach. The College Student Journal, 39(3), 528-539

  • K. Hamilton (1999). Coalition for health enhancement in elder care and referred services (CHEERS).  College of Nursing, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL. Online publication 1999 (inactive).

Honors and Awards

  • Leadership Award, May 2015
    STTI Zeta Gamma Chapter

    USA College of Nursing

  • Faculty Teaching Award, May 2010

    USA College of Nursing

  • Faculty of the Month, December 2001

    USA College of Nursing

  • Golden Eagle Award, Alabama Hall of Fame for
    CHEERS, Vial of Life, 1998 Montgomery, AL