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Danielle Frey

Danielle Frey
Culinary Instructor
George County High School.

Mrs. Danielle Frey is the culinary instructor for George County High School. She has been an instructor for 5 years now. Students are able to enter first year during their sophomore year if they choose the CAAB academy. Students who excel in year one are able to move on to year two and exceptional student will enter year three. Students learn the basics of cooking in their first year including food safety, workplace safety and many cooking methods.  Advanced cooking techniques, management, and cost control are some of the things students learn during their second year. Students who enter their third year run the Rebel Cafe located in the High School library. They sell to teachers and students throughout the day. This is a great way for students to learn how to run a business. They take a deposit and order needed supplies for the cafe.

There are many catering events for students to participate in throughout the year. One of their favorites is the Senior Citizen Prom held in the spring. All the senior citizens of the area are invited to attend and enjoy live music, get their picture taken, door prizes are offered and the culinary students are able to cook and serve. This is a wonderful event for all involved. Another catering event student participate in is the Top 20 banquet. The 20 top students are treated to a catered event where they get to pick their most influential teacher as well as their parents. This event takes place in May.

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Mentoring Chef:

Mathew Stuart

Mathew Stuart
Room Chef at CQ
Treasure Bay Casino in

Mathew Stuart, Room Chef at CQ on the 9th floor of Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, MS, modernizes and elevates southern cuisine with his signature dishes. Originally from Oak Grove, Mississippi, Mathew grew up in a very large family as the youngest of four boys, as well as dozens of cousins and other family members. Growing up in a large tight knit family meant large meals. 

Farming is a way of life in his family. His mother was raised on a cattle farm and his father grew up in an old-world style country general store.  Chef Stuart always knew where his food came from.  He also knew the value of the work it took to produce their food. The influence of the farming and rural community he grew up in plays heavy when creating dishes. It’s important to him to honor not only the ingredients used, but the people and the effort needed to produce them. So, as a southern Chef he honors them by taking the same care and effort into transforming the fruits of their labor into the finest dishes possible.

The one thing he’s learned over the years has been to be as versatile as possible.