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Department of Management  (251) 460-6411
Chair William Gillis
Professor Emeritus Paul Pietri, Carl Moore, Robert Shearer, Donna Retzlaff-Roberts,
Marjorie Icenogle, Ron Eastburn
Professors Finney, Gillis, Maes, Mosley, Stefanone, Turnipseed, Woodford
Associate Professor Weldy
Assistant Professors Cole, Nelson, Smith, Wassenaar, Wu
Instructor Hunt, Smith D.

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"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker

Discover Management

A majority of our  faculty has extensive practical experience in their fields. They've dealt first hand with the challenges businesses and corporations face, and have a passion for sharing their knowledge. They're committed to nurturing the professional development of students so they graduate with the skills, initiative, integrity and sense of teamwork required in the workplace.

The Department of Management has the following degree options: Entrepreneurship, General Management, and Human Resource Management. The department also manages the On-line General Business Major.  Transfer credits for upper division major courses will only be accepted from AACSB accredited institutions.

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth for the United States and the Central Gulf Coast region. The Entrepreneurship concentration is designed to create an "innovation" focused mindset that produces entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders in ALL sectors of the society including: starting businesses, working in financing careers, innovative educators, franchise owners, corporate entrepreneurs, economic development officials and social entrepreneurs. The concentration allows students to choose a combination of courses that best match their interests and entrepreneurial opportunities.

General Management Concentration

The General Management concentration offers courses designed to give students a solid foundation in the field of Management and enable them to become effective managers, problem-solvers, and decision-makers in the world of business, industry, and government. Emphasis is placed upon problem solving, and managerial decision-making. The thrust of the curriculum is to give students insight into the means for improving the productivity and efficiency of modern organizations.

Human Resource Management Concentration

Managers have become aware of the significant impact of effective utilization of the human resources in an organization. As a result, the Human Resource Manager has become a key person on the top management team. The Human Resource Management concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge to become a proficient practitioner in this leading organizational field.  

On-line General Business Major

The on-line general business major is designed for students that have completed, or are in the process of completing, the freshman and sophomore level degree requirements and who desire to complete a business degree through the on-line delivery of the junior and senior level requirements.

The program assumes the student has completed 62 credit hours of general education and sophomore level business requirements. Students enrolled in the general business on-line degree program must complete 60 credit hours of junior and senior requirements and all of these courses are available on-line each year, but not every semester.

The on-line courses curriculum allows the student to complete the program in two years or five semesters. Although the curriculum is set up for a five semester sequence, students are not required to complete the courses in the listed sequence. Additionally, students are not required to enroll in a certain number of courses each semester to participate in the on-line degree program.

For additional information about the on-line program or for academic advising, please contact the:

Office of Student Services
Mitchell College of Business
MCOB 110
Phone: (251) 460-7167

Faculty Listing

Management Faculty
Cole, Sonya L. Management Assistant Professor BA, Alabama State University
MS, Troy University-Montgomery
MS, Troy University-Montgomery
EDD, Alabama State University
Finney, Treena L. Management Professor BA, Clemson University
MS, Clemson University
PHD, Depaul University
Gillis, William E. Management Professor BS, US Air Force Academy
MBA, University of West Florida
PHD, Florida State University
Hunt, James A. Management Instructor BA, University of South Alabama
MA, University of South Alabama
MBA, University of South Alabama
Maes, Jeanne D. Management Professor BS, State University of New York
MBA, University of South Alabama
PHD, University of Southern Miss
Mosley Jr., Donald C. Management Professor BA, Millsaps College
MBA, University of South Alabama
PHD, Mississippi State University
Nelson Jr., Thomas E. Management Assistant Professor BS, Ball State University
MBA, Ball State University
PHD, University of Louisville
Smith, David J. Management Instructor BBA, University of Notre Dame
MBA, Stetson University
Smith, Mickey B. Management Assistant Professor BA, University of South Alabama
MA, University of West Florida
PHD, Oklahoma State University
Stefanone, Robyn L. Management Professor BA, University of Georgia
BS, University of Georgia
MSM, University of Central Florida
PHD, Florida State University
Stupavsky, Jana Management Instructor BSBA, University of South Alabama
MBA, University of South Alabama
Turnipseed, David L. Management Professor BS, University of Alabama
MBA, University of Alabama
PHD, University of Alabama
Wassenaar, Christina L. Management Assistant Professor BS, California State Polytech-Pom
MBA, Claremont Graduate University
PHD, Claremont Graduate University
Weldy, Teresa G. Management Associate Professor BS, University of South Alabama
MBA, University of South Alabama
PHD, University of South Alabama
Woodford, Kelly C. Management Professor BS, Spring Hill College
JD, Georgetown University
Wu, I-Heng Management Assistant Professor BBA, Tamkang University
MBA, National Chung-Hsing Universit
MA, University of Minn-Twin Cities
PHD, University of Iowa