University Bulletin 2022-23

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University Honors Designation

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Honors Requirements Credit Hours
HON 101, HON 105 or HON 111, Honors Freshman Experience
(Required in first semester)*
HON 201 or HON 211, Honors Sophomore Experience 1
Two (2) Upper-level Honors Seminars
(Variable content)
HON 301 or HON 311, Introduction to Honors Senior Project
(taken in the Junior Year)
**Honors Senior Thesis/Project (may count toward major) 6
*Honors Electives selected from any Honors courses
(only 3 hours may be from major)
 Total 24
 * Not required of transfer students or USA students who have completed at least 15 semester hours with a 3.0 or greater GPA.
** Student should determine early in their program the requirements in their major.

The University of South Alabama Honors College is a diverse community of interdisciplinary excellence designed to stimulate the thinking and intellectual curiosity of highly motivated students. Here in Honors we challenge each other through discussion, research, creative scholarship, intercultural engagement and the arts so that together we create the feel of a small college environment in the midst of the opportunities provided by a large urban university. 

Our graduates, equipped with this intensive education as well as a wide variety of additional learning experiences, are especially well-prepared for productive careers, committed citizenship and meaningful lives.