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Paramedic Certificate Program

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The EMT certificate program can be completed in one academic semester and is a prerequisite to the Advanced EMT (AEMT) certificate program. The AEMT certificate program can be completed in one academic semester and is a prerequisite to the Paramedic certificate program. The Paramedic certificate program can be completed in three academic semesters. Together, these programs can be completed in five semesters. Students may, however, elect to complete only the EMT level of education, or the AEMT level of education.

After successful completion of each level of education, the student is eligible to sit for the National Registry of EMT's (NREMT) certification examination. Successful completion of this examination is mandatory for licensure to practice in the State of Alabama. State licensure as an EMT is required to apply for AEMT education. State licensure as an AEMT is required to apply for Paramedic education.

Those who complete any level of education and licensure are qualified to work in escalating roles (by level) in many areas of out-of-hospital emergency medical care, including ambulance services, fire rescue departments, and industrial health and safety settings.

Paramedic Certificate Program Course Title   Credit Hours
Paramedic Certificate Program     31 (3 Semesters)
First Semester     12
EMS 212 Foundations of Paramedicine 3 hrs  
EMS 214 Introduction to EMS Cardiology 3 hrs  
EMS 216 Paramedic Assessment and Operations 3 hrs  
EMS 217 Paramedic Clinical Internship I 3 hrs  
Second Semester     12
EMS 240 Special Populations 3 hrs  
EMS 242 Paramedic Emergency Care I 3 hrs  
EMS 244 Paramedic Emergency Care II 3 hrs  
EMS 245 Paramedic Skills Lab 1 hr  
EMS 247 Paramedic Clinical Internship II 2 hrs  
Third Semester     7
EMS 295 Paramedic Field Internship 6 hrs  
EMS 297 Comprehensive Review and Exams 1 hr  

Special Notes

Academic advising is required of all new and existing students prior to each semester. It is the responsibility of each student to schedule an advising session with the academic faculty advisor prior to registration each semester.

Department of Emergency Medical Services 
Administrative Staff
(251) 461-1832
Chair Charles Erwin
Program Directors Ellzie, AGEMSS: D. Garmon, McKenna, Clifford
Medical Director Steve Bowden, M.D.
Professor Frazer
Instructors Brooks, Coaker, Ellzie, Erwin, Garmon, McKenna, Clifford
Academic Advisors McKenna, Stearns
Part-time Instructors Payne
Clinical Coordinator, Instructor McKenna
CME Coordinator Montalban

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The Department of EMS prepares students for careers in Emergency Medical Services. To meet the expanding role of prehospital providers, the Department of EMS offers three certificate programs, EMT, AEMT and Paramedic, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services.