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Emergency Medical Training

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  • EMT 255
    Hazardous Environment Managmnt
    3 cr

    Theory behind management of hazardous environment emergencies with some application of theory in a practical setting. Instruction on chemical and physical nature of hazardous materials relative to control of emergency situations involving chemical spills.

  • EMT 315
    EMS Pharmacology I
    3 cr

    Introduction to pharmacology for the EMS professional. Includes drug classification, dosage calculations, routes and methods of administration, and IV access.

  • EMT 335
    Essentials of Paramedicine
    3 cr

    Preparatory course for ALS EMS students. Includes airway management, EMS Systems, therapeutic communications, responsibilities, injury prevention, and legal issues.

  • EMT 345
    EMS Pharmacology II
    3 cr

    Advanced course with emphasis on specific drugs within classifications, drug names, actions, indications, contraindications, side effects, precautions, dosages, clinical applications and listings of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

  • EMT 365
    Advanced Trauma Management
    3 cr

    Includes trauma systems, mechanism of injury, management of hemorrhage, shock, burns, soft tissue, head and facial, spinal, thoracic, abdominal and musculoskeletal trauma.

  • EMT 440
    EMS Op and Sp Considerations
    3 cr

    Includes special circumstances regarding geriatric patient, abuse and assault, patients with special challenges, acute interventions for the chronic care patient, ambulance operations, incident command, rescue, hazmat, and crime scene awareness.

  • EMT 490
    Special Topics -
    1 TO 3 cr

    Selected topics in Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Response Training. Topics will vary according to needs and interests of students. Course may be repeated for credit when content varies.

  • EMT 494
    Directed Studies -
    1 TO 3 cr

    Directed study, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, of a topic in the fields of Emergency Medical Services or Emergency Response Training. Requires the permission of department chair.